Let's Leave a World of Unity and Goodness

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year due to unsanitary conditions and diseases caused by polluted water. The water wells we have opened in Africa with the support of our donors continue to be a hope for the people of the region. Together, we can drill dozens of water wells to access clean water and create smiles on faces.

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Basic needs of our orphan children and school we support in Niger  such as; education, food, health and shelter are met with the support of our benefactors. If you want to support one of our child’s basic needs, you can contact us and provide support.

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In Turkey, in Africa and all over the world, war, famine and people are forced to live in camps due to economic inefficiency; We prepare food packages, organize hot meals, make hundreds of people happy and meet their basic food needs with the support of our benefactors.

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In African countries where health care is insufficient, we provide support to all people, especially children, who cannot access health services in camps due to the war in Syria, with our volunteer healthcare team consisting of physicians, nurses and health technicians, and meet their material and medicine needs. We organize a health trip with a volunteer health team to the regions deemed necessary and requested, and offer surgical operations, examinations, diagnostic methods, training support and health services. While doing all these, we act in line with our working principles and core values by complying with the internationally determined ethical rules.

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With our stationery packages determined in accordance with the education system of the region, we support the education and training lives of our children in need in Turkey and abroad by delivering the educational materials they lack in the fastest and most accurate way.

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We continue to distribute clothes to children in need of clothes during the winter months, during the holidays.

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Let's Leave a Beautiful World Behind

Donate for a better future for children regardless of religion, language or race. Every donation is hope for a child.