Hands Giving Lives Association carries out activities aimed to help people, animals and nature. It was founded by volunteers whose guide was kindness and who worked hard to reach those in need effectively.

The aim of our association is to provide help especially for children; to people who have been subjected to war, forced to migrate and to live at a lower socioeconomic level as well as to people who are deprived of human rights. It also aids animals and nature that are under threat due to external influences.
We know that we can overcome grievances when we are united, and we make our efforts to convey the aids collected by our supporters to each individual, animal and nature in need.

Our desire to reach out to those waiting for us with enthusiasm and love will be vigorous and constant. For this reason, we know that we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do but we will continue to proceed in accordance with our founding purpose and principle.


To reach people in need without discrimination of language, religion, race and gender.




Pioneering sustainable projects in order to eliminate the grievances experienced at home and abroad.

Our Fundamental Values
Being a Volunteer
Being Confidential
Being Honest
Being Fair
Being Virtuous
Being Innovative
Being Respectful
Being Tolerant
Being Need Oriented
Pioneering Projects on the Behalf of the Society
Bridging Communities
Respecting Human Values