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Imagine a continent… the last 20 countries found in the ‘Human Development Index Ranking’ are located here.

Imagine a continent where the ‘Maternal Mortality Rate’ is 40 times higher than the continent of Europe and all of the top 20 countries are located in this continent.

Imagine a continent where the ‘Malaria’ disease is 76 times the world average and causes a child’s death every thirty seconds. 90 % of Malaria deaths in the world are occurring on this continent.

Imagine a continent that is home to 80 % of the world’s AIDS patients.

Imagine a continent where one nurse per 1000 people and 1 physician per 3500 people are found which makes 15 less than the European continent.

Imagine a continent where women spend 60 % of their time carrying water.

Imagine a continent that despite having the world’s largest Uranium reserves which is the raw material of nuclear energy, is the world’s darkest continent.

Imagine a continent that has most of the world’s gold reserves but is the world’s poorest continent.

Imagine a continent that has most of the arable land in the world but is a continent where every five seconds one child under the age of ten dies of hunger and four out of ten Africans sleep hungry every night. More precisely: put to sleep and got forgotten.

So, our story started with ‘thinking about a continent’. That continent was none other than the AFRICAN CONTINENT, which fired the wick in our hearts with its oppression, deprivation, and embarrassment, but most importantly, made us fall in love with its humanity.

This journey, which we started with love, was fruitful and brought us to the point of establishing our association ‘Hands Giving Lives’. We await everyone who is sincere to this journey and philosophy of goodness. Our aim is to grow by helping all beings in need and look forward to seeing you among us.


Despite a developing world with more and more possibilities, Africa is a continent that is left alone. Millions of people are suffering from hunger and have difficulties in accessing potable water. We believe in changes and we join forces to ameliorate all of the sufferings people encounter, especially in African countries.

About Us

Hands Giving Lives was established in Istanbul in 2017 as a platform. In 2020 it became an association to aid families in need and to contribute to their integration into the social field. Hands Giving Lives works actively in Africa to increase cooperation and awareness in the fields of education, health and economy.

About Us

Continuing our work until we improve the living standards of people who have suffered at home and abroad, especially in Africa. We aim to benefit every needy child we can reach and to eliminate all kinds of victimization situations. By doing these it is crucial to use our recourses correctly and effectively. We also aim to convey our experiences we gained in the field to other people.

About Us
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